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Frasers Property Limited
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(As Trustee-Manager of Aquamarine Star Trust)
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Tel: +65 6932 2300

CBRE Pte Ltd
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Total Net Lettable Area (Office) Approximately 663,000 sq ft (or about 62,000 sq m)
No. of Office Floors 32 office floors in a 38-Floor commercial tower
Low zone (LZ): 5th – 14th Floor
Mid zone (MZ): 15th – 29th Floor
High zone (HZ): 30th – 38th Floor
Typical FLoor Area Column-free 20,000–22,000 sq ft
Core Location Centre Core
Core to Window Depth Low zone: approximately 15.0 – 16.5m
Mid zone: approximately 15.3 – 16.1m
High zone: approximately 15.0 – 15.2m
Façade System Fully unitised curtain wall system
Floor to Floor Height 4,800mm
Raised Floor System ~150mm from top of floor slab to top of raised floor,
300mm on L6 and L17
Raised Floor to Finished Ceiling Height 3,000mm; 2,800mm for the first 1.5m from core wall
Floor Loading Office: 3.5kN/m2
Compactus zone: 7.5kN/m2
Knock-out Panels Available for tenant’s inter-floor connectivity
Air-Conditioning System Central chilled water air-conditioning system with 2 AHUs per office floor (supported by VAV boxes for air distribution within tenanted of ce areas)
Typical office environment 24°C ± 1 @ relative humidity not more than 65%
Provisions of chilled water tap-off and condenser water tap-off
E-power back up for chiller equipment
Provisional space for tenant’s own air conditioning equipment (subject to availability)
Electrical Loading & Supply Power and Lighting: 85W/m2
Trading Floors: 205W/m2
Computer Earthing Overall complying to SS 551;
Dedicated earthing system for tenant and landlord
Lighting Illumination Density Average illumination level of 500 lux for office areas (at desktop area)
Toilets Male (4 Cubicles, 4 Urinals)
Female (6 Cubicles)
Bidet spray (1 per cubicle)
Hand dryer
Hand towel dispenser
Pantry Every floor (with water tapped off provision)
Sanitary drainage provision is capped off at high level for future connection (subject to availability)
Emergency Power Supply Provision of approximately 20% of tenant normal load for tenant’s emergency use
Space Reserved for Tenant’s Generator Set Generator spare plinths are reserved for tenants’ use (subject to availability)
Spare Risers For tenants’ inter-floor cabling and specialised service (subject to availability)
Telecommunication Network 8 x 10-pair block terminals per typical floor
4 port CATV tap-off in telephone riser per typical floor
Total No. of Parking Spaces 3 basement car parks with a total of 282 lots
(inclusive of 3 handicap lots)
7 loading/unloading lots and 10 motorcycle lots
Total No. of Bicycle Parking Spaces 82 private lots, 7 public lots
Car Park System Electronic parking system
Lifts Low zone: 8 passenger lifts (24-person capacity)
Mid zone: 8 passenger lifts (24-person capacity)
High zone: 6 passenger lifts (24-person capacity)
2 Fire/Service lifts serving all office floor levels
2 Car Park lifts serving B3 to L4
Building Automation System Centrally monitored building automation system
Sound / Paging System Public address system at common areas
Fire Protection System Automatic fire alarm & sprinkler system, wet riser system, hose reels and portable fire extinguishers
Security Integrated Security Management System with Electronic Card Access System via turnstiles interfacing with Lift Destination Control System and Lobby Visitor Management System (VMS) Integrated 24 hours CCTV camera surveillance and guard tour control in all access areas
All access doors to of offices and restricted areas fitted with EM-locks and/or door magnetic contact to control access