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Frasers Tower #02-12/13
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6904 5458
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6pm to 11pm (Mon - Sat)

Located right in the midst of the CBD, Relish at Frasers Tower is a dual concept restaurant - during the day, it is run as Relish serving favourite classics of both Relish @ Cluny Court and Wild Rocket. From our famed burgers to mod sin pasta dishes and deconstructed Chendols to Papa Palheta coffees, there’s something for every fatigued and/or hungry office worker.

In the evenings it transforms into Roketto Izakaya. A new casual dinner concept serving mod-sin small bites & sharing plates inspired by Chef Willin’s love of drinking & eating at casual izakayas in Japan.

The restaurant (designed by award winning interior design firm, Produce) with its pebbled floor and hanging ferns is designed as a garden patio reminiscent of a cozy breezy tropical dinning experience.

Come, unwind & enjoy the hospitality of Relish & Roketto Izakaya.