A Green and Sustainable Workplace

Our BCA Green Mark Platinum office building focuses on creating a green and sustainable workplace with our environmentally-friendly features.

Lush Greeneries

Solar Heat Reduction

Double glazed facade greatly reduce solar heat gain while providing panoramic views of the precinct.

Indoor Air Quality

UV light emitters in air handling units

CO sensors for basement car park

Time-controlled purging system to eliminate office generated contaminants

Water Efficiency and Air Quality

Recycled water for irrigation and cooling towers

UV lights emitters in all air handling units to improve air quality

General Energy Efficient Features

Energy efficient Air-con system

Photocell sensors for office perimeter lighting with motion sensors

Energy efficient escalators and regenerative lifts

Ductless fan system with low static pressure loss for reduced power consumption

Solar Heat Reduction

Direct integration to MRT

Secured bicycle parking lots

Electric vehicle recharging stations


Use of sustainable and recycled materials

Green Roof